September 2021 Project Newsletter

Transforming the Southwestern Medical District for Health and Nature

AIA Dallas 2021 Community Honor Award

Texas Trees Foundation was humbled to be recognized by the AIA Dallas Chapter to receive the 2021 Community Honor Award on September 30th at a breakfast being held at the Architecture and Design Exchange. The nomination and selection committee commends the Foundation on leading the public/private partnership in the Southwestern Medical District that will create a vibrant, connected, and safe linear streetscape and 10-acre park.

The Foundation is thrilled to join the long list of past awardees who have been honored. Community Honor Awards are bestowed on persons, firms, corporations, or associations for meritorious work in their respective fields and that have contributed to the architectural and artistic quality of life in Dallas.


How do you experience the District? Take a walking tour of Harry Hines – either in person or virtually! The tour provides opportunities for you to engage with the streetscape, identify challenges and opportunities, and explore potential alternative scenarios.


The Project Team hosted an interactive virtual community design workshop on September 14th.

Twenty-five people attended the event to receive an update on the engagement findings and workshop design ideas.

Participants shared their experiences and challenges in the District with different transportation modes. The group discussed mobility improvements, like fewer driveways, managed U-turn access, and a cohesive street grid that can better facilitate pedestrian, bike, and vehicular movement. Participants also explained that clear signage and visibility would go a long way to improve accessibility and reduce conflicts between travel modes.

Community members also hoped for multi-sensory experiences with nature that showcase native plants and function as a green edge between buildings and streets. A fun and memorable public realm that plays to people’s senses and activates the corridor will help establish identity and character for the District. Opportunities exist at gathering/resting nodes to highlight diverse community success stories and inspire others.


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