Urban Streetscape and Park Project Transforming the Southwestern Medical District for Health and Nature


Our Mission

A Reimagined Medical District

Led by Texas Trees Foundation, the SWMD Urban Streetscape and Park Transformation Project will become the new model for what a medical district should be: a more holistic, green campus that unites the community, promotes health, healing, and safety, and acts as an ‘intersection of health and nature’. The Southwestern Medical District in Dallas, Texas is anchored by three hospitals that deliver renowned health care in partnership with innovative, world-class research and education. The district thrives on the presence and well-being of its diverse community, encompassing patients, healthcare professionals, students, residents, business owners, and visitors. The Foundation is dedicated to elevating the District's mission of health and healing by transforming a 2-mile segment along the Harry Hines Corridor, spanning from Treadway Street to Lucas Drive, into a greener, safer, and multi-modal thoroughfare and constructing a 10-acre Green Park at Harry Hines and Inwood Road. 

Before - SWMD After - SWMD

Our Goals

Environmentally Healthy District

Restore the environment to leverage the health benefits of nature by providing a healing sanctuary for all users of the area's world-class hospitals – UT Southwestern Medical Center, Parkland Health and Hospital System, and Children’s Medical Center.


Establish a system to protect and accommodate the District’s estimated 3 million annual patients, employees and visitors.

Connection Point

Create a flexible and accessible network for all modes of travel, services, and community.

Holistic Design

Provide a vibrant space that engages the mind, activates the body, and lifts the spirit to improve the quality of life of each individual who works or visits the District.

Our Work

Creating a Healthy Medical District

The Southwestern Medical District in Dallas, Texas is home to world-renowned hospitals and is a place of innovation, hope, and healing. Step outside of these remarkable institutions and into the streetscape, and a less vibrant and healthy story emerges….

Texas Trees Foundation is rewriting the story by leading a visionary, therapeutic landscape redesign to transform the antiquated Harry Hines corridor from Treadway Street to Lucas Drive into a vibrant, connected, and safe multi-modal linear parkway with a 10-acre park.

Through a lens of robust engagement, the holistic restructuring will focus on evidence-based design that enhances the environment, uplifts adjoining neighborhoods and businesses, spurs economic development, and nurtures the body, mind, and spirit of the nearly 3 million individuals who experience the district annually.

“The Medical District is home to the most talented medical researchers and practitioners in the world. When we create a safer and healthier environment for them and the people they serve, we are really making an investment in all of us”.

-Dr. Bobby Lyle

Our Approach

More than a Streetscape: An Opportunity

Equitable Engagement
Cultivating conversations where all people have a direct bridge to express their needs, goals, desires, and incorporate their voices.

Evidence-Based Design
Marrying the disciplines of design and science by modeling, optimizing, and validating design concepts to create a space that maximizes environmental and health benefits. 

Green Infrastructure
Creating an urban, nature-based solution to mitigate the urban heat island effect, improve air quality, and reduce carbon footprint and stormwater runoff. 

One Health Approach
Designing a public space that heals, restores, and relaxes, provides opportunities for physical movement, and is an iconic, people-friendly place that meaningfully integrates nature. 

Let’s curate a partnership together.

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