New Landscape Design Plans for the Streetscape and Park are Coming Soon!

Since 2016 A Transformation Years in the Making

Texas Trees Foundation has been working in Dallas’ Southwestern Medical District since the publication of the Foundation's 2016 Urban Streetscape Master Plan. Since then, two separate vision processes have been undertaken to reimagine the District. Equitable engagement efforts for this next phase will move these preliminary vision documents, which are meant to serve as a starting point for discussion, into a detailed design that is shovel-ready.

Collaborating for Far-Reaching Solutions

Several projects with ongoing public engagement are currently taking place in and around the Medical District and in the City of Dallas. The Texas Trees Foundation is sharing information and coordinating with these efforts as we conduct the SWMD Urban Streetscape and Park Project. More information and ways to participate in these projects can be found on their websites.


“ What makes us (SWMD) unique is that this District is not about an individual or a group. When we’re at our best, it’s when we’re focused on something bigger than ourselves.”

- Community Member

SWMD Transformation In the Media

Since the project's inception, local and national news media outlets have covered the progress of the SWMD Streetscape and Park Transformation Project. Because of its use of evidence-based design, the project is now poised to "...teach the rest of the country how to design for urban heat... [starting] with data."-Jeffrey Ray, CBS DFW Meteorologist

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