Pegasus Park Pilot Study is Underway 

It’s official! We are collecting urban heat data and are now poised to capture some of the hottest temperatures on record.  As we continue to work with our partners to finalize logistics for installing and deploying climatic sensors throughout the Southwestern Medical District (SWMD), the Foundation took full advantage of the extreme heat wave that is sweeping the globe. Meteorological sensors have now been deployed in the parking lot at Pegasus Park parking, an area recognized by meteorologists to have some of the hottest record-breaking temperatures in the entire state.  

During the week of July 18 as temperatures were soaring and sizzling, SWMD intern, Farbod Khomeini and Dr. Rose Jones, SWMD Research & Strategy in Urban Green Health worked alongside Daniel “Fletch” Fleischer, Chief Science Officer, at Hyphae Design Labs and TTF partner for the SWMD Evidence Based Design research, to fabricate and install 8 mean radiant temperature (MRT) sensors, 8 temperature and humidity sensors, and 2 anemometers in the parking lot of Pegasus Park for a pilot study. Some of the sensors were placed in shaded trees, others were affixed to light poles in full sun, and a few were placed in areas with low tree canopy in full sun. The sensors will send data every 20 minutes to a hub that has been placed at the Foundation’s Pegasus Park office.   

The Pegasus Park parking lot data will allow the SWMD research team to conduct statistical analysis needed to validate optimal positioning for the sensors that will be deployed throughout the SWMD.  The Pegasus Park sensor data will also be used to assess the relationship between urban heat and thermal comfort. Over time the sensor data will be statistically analyzed and used to provide critical insight into the effect of landscapes on human health. Evidenced Based Design!  

We have many partners and collaborators to thank for supporting this research. A big shout out to Pegasus Park for rapid speed turnaround approval to get the sensors deployed in the parking lot. It’s great to be in a building where science is a priority! Appreciation and gratitude are also extended to Lyda Hill Philanthropies, Parkland Health, Children’s Medical Center, UTSW Medical Center, the SWMD, City of Dallas, and DART. Special thanks to the Pegasus Park tenants who shared their experiences and views on using the parking lot in the midst of the summer heat wave and those who stopped by to offer inspiration and support during the installation. On the day of installation, we captured a temperature of 157.6 F.    

The SWMD team is currently working to create a dashboard to share the data being collected in the Pegasus Parking lot. Stay tuned for details! 

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