Welcome, Farbod Tavakkoli Khomeini!

Farbod Tavakkoli Khomeini – SWMD intern, Ph.D. Candidate

This summer Farbod joined the SWMD team as a data analyst intern. He brings expertise and experience in a wide range of statistical skills and competetencies that will be useful for the project, including using time-series models to assess the relationship between environmental features and observed micro-climatic sensor data. In addition to expertise in data analysis and statistical modeling, Farbod is also dedicated and committed to creating healthy urban environments through his work!

Farbod is currently pursuing a doctorate at SMU in Applied Science with a focus on data science. He has a 4.0 GPA and already holds a master’s in Smart and Resilient Infrastructure. Farbod’s dissertation will focus on the impact urban green space poses for public health. He is a perfect fit for the SWMD project!

In addition to his doctoral research, Farbod also works as a statistical consultant/data scientist at The Institute for Leadership Impact and Center for Global Health Impact at SMU. At the Institute, Farbod is collaborating on a virtual reality game designed to train surgeons in Zambia to treat cervical cancer. Farbod is also a teaching assistant in the Data Science Program at SMU. He is responsible for teaching and mentoring more than 20 students each semester on diverse statistical skills ranging from experimental design to logistic regression and hypothesis testing.

Farbod is working very closely with our consultants at Hyphae Design Lab, in preparation for deploying, monitoring, and analyzing data from the meteorological sensors in the SWMD. In addition to helping fabricate and install the sensors at Pegasus Park, Farbod also generated hypotheses for the Pegasus Park pilot study that will provide insight into sensor placement, as well as help inform the precise number of sensors that will need to be deployed.

We are thrilled to have Farbod onboard! He is a great team player and collaborator. He also brings great joy and passion to the project, as well as great expertise. Please welcome Farbod aboard when you see him!

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