Urban Streetscape Master Plan Southwestern Medical District

Rooted in the City of Dallas for more than a century, the Southwestern Medical District (SWMD) is a premier medical center surrounded by active communities. Just three miles from downtown Dallas, the District is the heart of the city’s regional healthcare network and the site of significant social and economic opportunities. Home to Parkland Health and Hospital System, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and Children’s Health Dallas, as well as several other highly respected medical facilities and educational institutions, the District has grown in size and esteem over the years. The research, education and patient care within the Southwestern Medical District is second-to-none.

Today, we see amazing medical breakthroughs and advancements; state-of-the-art facilities, diagnosis and treatment practices; and top-tier medical education, which have evolved the District into a world-class destination for those seeking the latest advancements in research and healthcare.

Brilliant minds and hopeful patients from around the world deserve an innovative, healthy and safe environment. The public rights-of-way throughout SWMD need to complement and connect to the acclaimed health care practiced inside the buildings.

“The Southwestern Medical District Streetscape Plan represents a bold new vision for this vital part of Dallas, Texas. It is the culmination of months of collaborative work by institutional and community leaders from throughout the District. Its implementation will represent one of the most impactful public-private initiatives in the history of Dallas. It will serve as a model for other cities to emulate. The Texas Trees Foundation is honored to be the sponsor of this transformational initiative and is grateful for the collaborative spirit demonstrated by the leaders of the District’s hospitals, community members-at-large and various government agencies, without whose cooperation the Plan would have remained only a dream.”

– Bobby B. Lyle Chairman of the Board – Texas Trees Foundation

SWMD Streetscape Vision

Solution-oriented design goals for healthy people, healthy systems and a healthy environment.

  1. Improve user health by reconnecting with nature through green spaces and trails.
  2. Define SWMD as a destination with interactive amenities and public art highlighting the District’s history.
  3. Create economic development opportunities for private and public sectors.
  4. Improve pedestrian safety with improved sidewalks, buffers, crossings and lighting.
  5. Utilize smart technologies to enhance user experience and reduce carbon footprint.
  6. Improve access as well as accessibility with multi-use paths, designated bus lanes and future mobility strategies.
  7. Maximize overall energy usage on streets with energy-saving lights and amenities.
  8. Mitigate heat island effect through energy-saving materials, green infrastructure and increased tree canopy.
  9. Filter and treat storm water.
  10. Enhance urban wildlife habitat through tree diversity and increased tree canopy

Transforming the Medical District

An exceptional convergence of health, wellness, safety, nature and connection. In other words, a true community.

  • 23 acres of streets reclaimed for pedestrian use, including wider sidewalks, shared-use paths, park space and sidewalk cafés
  • 6,500 trees planted within the public realm
  • 21 miles of sidewalk added to the existing 12 miles of sidewalk along streets
  • 73% of streets with a 6’ or greater pedestrian buffer – a safer and more comfortable walking environment
  • 80% (16.8 miles) of streets that support integrated bicycle infrastructure
  • 1.2 million cubic feet of rain captured and treated by rain gardens
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