Texas Trees Foundation Update/Response

COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear TTF Friends,
We are thinking of you during this time of uncertainty and wishing each and every one of you good health. You are the backbone of the Texas Trees Foundation, and we consider you family. We are grateful for your support, and we want to support you.
During this turbulent time. we want you to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. One way is to fill your thoughts and time thinking about trees. Research has shown that exposure to nature and viewing trees, even a painting or photo of a tree, reduces stress and improves overall mental health, mood and life function.
If possible, take a walk amongst trees and reflect upon the fact that someone planted that tree, just like the trees you’ve planted. Consider posting a photo of a tree on our Facebook page for others to enjoy or you are also welcome to submit your photo for our “Trees Among Us” photo contest. It is a great way to lift everyone’s spirits and build community during this time of social distance.
Although our office is closed and we are unable to plant trees during this time, the Texas Trees Foundation staff is still working to get ready for an even busier Fall season. We know we’ll be able to count on you when we can plant trees and we know through your efforts our cities will continue to become greener, cleaner and cooler.
Please be safe and stay healthy. We are in this together, just as we are when we’re all creating a better quality of life through our tree planting efforts.
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