Placemaking, Engagement, and the Community Vision Statement

From the equitable engagement findings of Phase I, a community vision statement was produced that culminates the design and placemaking constructions that stakeholders and engagement participants anticipate the project to encompass once completed. Placemaking is a widely used term in development these days, the definition though broad, has been attempted by several urban planning groups […]

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Dr. Chanam Lee

Dr. Chanam Lee joined the Southwestern Medical District Best Practices Advisory Committee with the excitement of having the opportunity to contribute to something much larger than herself. Although she is consistently asked to be in projects due to her expertise in research for active living, Lee found that the Southwestern Medical District Streetscape Project not only aligned with her passion for creating healthy environments but is also a dream project that any community would

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How GIS Maps Help to Build the Urban Forest

Using maps and data to assess and improve tree canopy cover in North Texas Maps are a powerful tool used in urban forestry that help people understand the different types of trees a city has, where they are located, and about their health and growth. Most mapping of the urban forest is done electronically through “Geographical Information Systems”, or GIS.   What Are GIS Maps? GIS maps analyze data across a city, county or region while helping foresters learn more about the trees in the

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