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Phase II of Equitable Engagement for the SWMD Streetscape and Park Transformation is underway! 

Do you or someone you know live, work, or visit the Medical District? 

If so, please take a moment to provide your input in a 7-question survey designed to gather an understanding of community values and preferences related to the reimagined streetscape and park.   

The results of our community survey will help guide the development of creating a greenspace that truly nurtures the health and well-being of the Medical District community – a connection point for health through nature. 

SWMD Community Engagement

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Interested in learning more about the history of the project and our visions for the future? Check out our 360 Virtual Engagement platform. There, you can interact with our team members, project posters, and read our previous reports.  

SWMD Community Engagement

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During Phase II of Engagement, the team regularly holds focus groups to learn about opinions on the development of the Harry Hines Corridor in the Southwestern Medical District – so they may guide future action. With the nearly 3 million individuals who experience the District annually, including an employee workforce of approximately 37,000 in the medical complex, our goal is to make visits to a clinic or hospital easier for patients, staff, and visitors.

SWMD Focus Group

Community Events

Affected areas of improvement include the antiquated Harry Hines corridor from approximately Treadway Street to Lucas Drive, with the park replacing the 1940’s cloverleaf at Inwood Road. Construction for the more iconic, people-friendly, landscaped street is set to begin as early as Fall of 2025 for Phase 1 of this innovative project.

As the SWMD Project includes 65 national experts from 50 different organizations who all give their time to support the creation of a thriving Medical District for the 21st Century, we will be hosting many community events along the way to completion of this exciting evidence-based design model of what a medical district can be.

SWMD Community Event

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