Texas Trees Foundation Partners Host Oak Cliff Tree Giveaway

45 trees were distributed to Oak Cliff residents and 11 trees were planted at a local community center.

DALLAS, TX (March 23, 2024) –The Texas Trees Foundation, State Farm®, and the Arbor Day Foundation partnered to distribute free trees at For Oak Cliff Community Center (907 E. Ledbetter Dr., Dallas, TX) on Saturday, March 23, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Dallas residents were able to pick up their trees and received assistance from volunteers for getting the trees planted at their homes.

The tree giveaway is part of the Texas Trees Foundation’s longstanding commitment to increasing tree canopy in the Oak Cliff neighborhood. In 2018, the Foundation set the goal to plant 1,000 trees in Oak Cliff as part of “Cool & Connected Oak Cliff.”

Greening up spaces helps alleviate respiratory difficulties and heat-related illnesses, creating a better, healthier place to live. Trees also cool the surfaces of their surrounding environment through shade and offer additional ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, air pollution removal, energy savings, and stormwater savings.

“It was a great experience to center this tree-planting project around community partnerships and needs. Everyone came together to help Oak Cliff residents get trees planted at their homes today. These newly planted trees will provide shade, reducing heating/cooling costs for homeowners, and beautifying the neighborhood,” said Willette Jackson, Assistant Manager for Community Engagement for Texas Trees Foundation.

“We love our new trees,” said Amber Brown, Director of Operations for For Oak Cliff.

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