June Neighborhood Outreach

From June 23rd to June 26th, the SWMD Transformation Project Team was in the neighborhoods around the District talking about the project and hearing the community’s vision! On Wednesday night, the Arlington Park Neighborhood Association graciously hosted us at the Arlington Park Recreation Center for a small focus group of community members. About 30 people were present at the event to learn more about the project, provide critical input, and take the visioning survey. The group discussion largely centered on connectivity and safety. Many residents said that they currently walk in the District and would like to continue doing so. Priorities were traffic calming, sidewalk construction and maintenance, lighting, and additional time needed to cross at intersections. These residents also expressed a strong desire to spend time in nature with shade trees, green space, and areas to rest outside. The District improvements will be used by residents, but they did talk about a need for safe connections from the neighborhood into the Green Spine Harry Hines corridor. This was just the beginning… the Texas Trees Foundation cannot wait to keep working with the Arlington Park community on this project and beyond!

After our fruitful discussion with Arlington Park, we held pop-up events at Smoky John’s and Ojeda’s at lunch on Thursday and canvassed other businesses and neighborhoods. Overall, we talked with nearly 100 stakeholders who shared their vision for the future of Harry Hines!

Have you shared your vision? The visioning survey closes on July 11th!

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