Dee Moore

Dianna ("Dee") Moore

Workforce Development Coordinator

With over 25 years dedicated to workforce development in The Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, Dee has become a pivotal figure in fostering self-sufficiency among individuals, spanning from youth to adults. Her journey began in social work, gradually evolving into a profound commitment to guiding and empowering others through community engagement and supportive services.

Personal Branding:

  • Purpose: Dee’s purpose revolves around empowering individuals to achieve self-sufficiency and fostering community well-being.
  • Values: Dee values integrity, compassion, and equity, striving to uphold these principles in every aspect of her work.
  • Brand Clarity: Dee brings clarity to workforce development by integrating community engagement and hands-on experiences.
  • Authenticity: Dee’s authenticity shines through a genuine passion for community support and engagement, rooted in years of dedicated service.
  • Strengths: Dee’s strengths lie in program development, community collaboration, and advocating for those in need.
  • Energy: Dee’s energy is fueled by a deep commitment to creating positive change and uplifting communities.
  • Legacy: Dee aspires to leave a legacy of empowered individuals and communities thriving through collaborative efforts and sustainable growth.

Professional Journey:
Dee’s career trajectory has been marked by significant contributions and accolades. Notably, she was honored with the Front-line Service Provider Award in 2022 by the Denton County Homeless Coalition for her outstanding efforts in combating homelessness and promoting sustainable solutions.

Her extensive experience spans roles ranging from Youth Program Manger and Trainer to Social Worker and Case Manager. Throughout, she has facilitated summer youth programs, provided career counseling, and offered essential support to economically disadvantaged youth. As a recruiter, Dee connected job seekers with employment opportunities, conducted job fairs, and built robust networks within the local community.

Currently serving as the Workforce Development Coordinator at the Texas Trees Foundation, Dee embodies her passion for community engagement. Here, she integrates hands-on experiences within the workforce program, fostering collaboration and growth opportunities for participants. Her vision extends beyond immediate outcomes, aiming to cultivate future career paths, particularly in forestry, by nurturing a spirit of community collaboration and learning.

In her spare time, Dee finds solace in nature, enjoying activities like fishing and countryside walks. This connection to the environment further fuels her dedication to community involvement and advocating for volunteering to address pressing needs.

Dee’s commitment to guiding individuals toward their true paths to success remains unwavering as she continues to impact lives through the Texas Trees Foundation’s workforce development initiatives. Her career is a testament to the transformative power of community engagement and unwavering dedication to uplift those in need.

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