Guzick Elementary Plants 78 Trees with Texas Trees Foundation

Texas Trees Foundation Launches Cool School at Guzick Elementary

Students at Frank Guzick Elementary in Dallas, Texas planted 78 trees last Friday as part of Texas Trees Foundation's Cool Schools program.

A total of 657 students and 43 teachers participated in a day full of learning, planting and tree care.

“It is important for our students to understand how they should take care of the community by protecting the environment,” said Adreana Davis, Principal at Frank Guzick Elementary. “These trees are transforming how we connect with each other and allows students to put their own roots within our school."

Representatives from the American College of Education volunteered at the event by helping students understand how to properly plant each tree and creating a memorable experience.

“Our students learn a lot about life science in school, but to see something actually rooted in the ground makes it that much more real,” said art teacher, Brandy Verseckes. “There is something about getting dirty and having ownership in a project that helps their learning progress.”

Texas Trees Foundation will continue to monitor the success of each tree throughout the year. To learn more about our Cool Schools program, contact our Education Manager, Bryan Beck at

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