Texas Trees Foundation Partners with PlanIt Geo to Develop an Interactive Online Tree Mapping Website

The Texas Trees Foundation TreePlotter map will contextualize the impact of urban trees in North Texas

DALLAS, Texas – Texas Trees Foundation has launched a new map-based interactive website, created by map technology leader PlanIT Geo, for use by the public to view trees planted in North Texas, visualize the growing tree canopy, and understand their ecosystem benefits.

The Texas Trees Foundation TreePlotter map will enable North Texas residents to become a steward of the community by adding trees they have planted onto the map, share pictures of their trees on social media, provide input on locations they would like to see more canopy coverage, and easily access environmental data on their smart device. These features will help municipalities understand the need for trees in certain areas while monitoring the fight against Dallas’ urban heat island as reported in Texas Trees Foundation’s Urban Heat Island Management Study.

“The public portal enables the Texas Trees Foundation to achieve its mission by engaging the public through beautiful, modern, online tree maps that will help to increase community awareness about the real impact trees have on our everyday lives,” said Ian Hanou, PlanIt Geo Founder and CEO. “The work Texas Trees Foundation does is extraordinary and will have long-term benefits to the citizens of the Dallas-Fort Worth area for generations to come.”

Students participating in the Texas Trees Foundation Cool Schools program, which includes a STEM based curriculum that helps connect students to nature, will be able to use the portal as an educational resource for information about local tree species and their ecosystem services.

All trees planted by the Texas Trees Foundation will be plotted in the new online system.

“Texas Trees Foundation is pleased to have helped create this online program with PlanIt Geo that will provide residents with the tools to become interactive citizen scientists within their community,” said Janette Monear, President/CEO of Texas Trees Foundation. “This educational platform visually demonstrates the tangible efforts made throughout North Texas to create a healthier, cooler and greener urban environment.”

To map your trees at home on the Texas Trees Foundation TreePlotter map, please visit https://www.texastrees.org/tree-plotter.

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