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Since 1982, Texas Trees Foundation has championed the transformation of North Texas landscapes. In our neighborhoods, parkways, medians, schools and other open public spaces, we plant large trees to shade and beautify our environment, and to comfort our cities and people. Developing and protecting the North Texas urban forests today will be our shared legacy for generations to come.

We are transforming and investing in the public right-of-ways within in the Southwestern Medical District where three world renowned hospitals reside to create a “sense of place” to make people feel safe, connected and renewed. These sustainable streetscapes and corridor designs bring continuity to a place of healing.

Partnering with North Texas ISDs, Cool Schools connects students and teachers to nature by planting trees and creating fun and engaging outdoor learning areas. These spaces cultivate children’s knowledge and awareness of the natural environment so “no child is left inside.”

Improving neighborhoods and cities by planting trees in public right-of-ways, parks, and yards of residential properties to lower energy costs and increase property values. Also focusing on urban areas to reduce the Urban Heat Island effect and create livable, walkable communities.


Please consider donating to support the Texas Trees Foundation’s urban forestry mission. Your contributions will go toward funding our programs and projects.


Interested in getting directly involved with the Texas Trees Foundation? Learn more about upcoming opportunities and Tree Tender volunteer events.


Browse our many reports and studies about urban forestry in North Texas. In addition to information on Pioneer Plaza and our Tree Tracker platform.

Cool Schools

Cool Schools connect students and teachers to nature by planting trees and creating fun and engaging outdoor experiential learning areas.


Founded in April 1982, the foundation grew and transformed into what we now know as the current Texas Trees Foundation operating in North Texas.


The Texas Trees Foundation has numerous projects and programs which aim to increase the urban tree canopy and improve the community.

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