Running Bear Park Tree Planting

Planting more than 50 trees at Running Bear Park in Irving was no sweat (figuratively speaking) for our incredible team of volunteers from Verizon, Hilton Anatole Dallas, and the City of Irving employees. A special thanks to Groundwork Dallas for digging the holes in preparation for our volunteers.

Spirits were high, just like the temperature was, but this didn’t stop our volunteers from doing their best while they chopped up knotted tree roots, rolled them into their holes, “heel-ed in” the soil, securely planted their trees, and piled up mulch rings around each tree.

Volunteers were more than happy to jump into the shade after working all morning to plant trees along the running trail. Some were even ready to come back for another tree planting!

While we continue to beautifying public spaces like Running Bear Park, we aim to incorporate education and awareness to all the benefits that trees have in our communities.

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