Texas Trees Foundation Brochure Overview


Since 1982, Texas Trees Foundation has championed the transformation of North Texas landscapes. In our neighborhoods, parkways, medians, schools and other open public spaces, we plant large trees to shade and beautify our environment, and to comfort our cities and people. Developing and protecting the North Texas urban forests today will be our shared legacy for generations to come.

Premier Projects

    We are transforming and investing in the public right-of-ways within in the SWMD where three world renowned hospitals reside to create a “sense of place” to make people feel safe, connected and renewed. These sustainable streetscapes and corridor designs bring continuity to a place of healing.
    Improving neighborhoods by planting trees in public right-of-ways, parks, and yards of residential properties to lower energy costs and increase property values.
    Partnering with North Texas ISDs, we are creating Outdoor Learning Areas on school campuses for a hands-on environmental learning experience to instill a good land ethic and to create a space where “no child is left inside.” Each school is provided a program coordinator, customized landscape plan to be implemented by Texas Trees, and training for teachers and students to support their new landscape.
    Focusing on the urban core of cities to reduce the Urban Heat Island effect and create livable, walkable communities.

Branching out with Volunteers

Contact volunteer@texastrees.org and join our volunteers who are helping us plant over 25 thousand trees every year. We partner with generous corporations to help with our Tree North Texas plan, targeting the Medical District, Dallas ISD schools, and communities throughout North Texas.

Our Services

Texas Trees serves North Texas municipalities, HOAs, universities, developers and others by helping our partners meet sustainability goals and by maximizing their investment in the urban tree canopy.
Here are a few of the services we offer:

  • Urban Forestry Master Planning
  • Landscape Design Services
  • Tree Inventories
  • Tree Planting & Implementation
  • Eco-System Services Assessments
  • Tree Protection & Preservation
  • Emergency Storm Response
  • Employee Contractor Training
  • Public & Employee Engagement
  • Triple Bottom Line Accounting
  • Management & Budgeting

We’ve developed educational programs for all ages to teach the benefits of maintaining a healthy urban forest. Not only does it increase our quality of life, but it also increases the economic value of our land.Teaching Naturally Citizen Forester Training: helping citizens and teachers become tree stewards // Landscape Management Crews: guiding and engaging landscape crews to manage and expand the use of trees // Professional Development Conferences // Corporate Lunch & Learn Events

The Texas Trees/TXU Energy Urban Tree Farm & Education Center, located on the campus of Richland College, is a gathering site where groups and individuals come together to learn about the importance of trees. It’s also the place where we grow our trees for special projects.

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