City of Dallas

Roadmap to Tree Planting & Planning

The GIS Roadmap Model for Urban Tree Planning & Planting is the first project in which tree planting sites were identified and then prioritized by their environmental and economic factors. Strategic planting projects can have an enormous long-term impact on your city if urban planning is based on these strategies. Results from this project provides a framework for urban tree planting and will impact how funding is secured from policy makers, corporations, and foundations.

The Dallas Roadmap – Results at a Glance:

Urban Tree Canopy (UTC): 30% of land area – excluding water citywide and ranging from 16-39% within City Council districts

Number of Planting Sites by Roadmap Criteria:

  • Maximum Energy Savings Potential: 332,194
  • Single Family Residential (SFR) Property: 458,850
  • Public rights-of-way (PROW): 480,790
  • On Commercial Property: 301,648
  • On School Property: 53,019
  • In or Adjacent to Parking Lots: 84,577
  • Lowest income range (<$20K); 214,809
  • Highest urban heat island range (>140F): 19,097

Total Potential Planting Sites: 1,855,310*

*Planting sites falling in multiple criteria categories were only accounted for in one category

The Roadmap database serves as the tool for urban forest managers, public planners, sustainability coordinators, utilities, companies, public works departments, parks departments, zoning criteria guidelines, development guidelines, non-profits, and other management entities.

View the full report here.

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