Pioneer Natural Resources Company’s Tree Plantings

Tree planting at Towne Lake Park in Irving

We were grateful to have our sponsor partners, Pioneer Natural Resource Company, for TWO tree planting events, all within the span of a week! Many thanks to all the hard work and dedication these volunteers gave to get these trees planted

Thanks to our partners at Pioneer Natural Resources Company, we teamed up with over 50 volunteers, including Irving Mayor Rick Stopfer and Councilman Dennis Webb, as well as other employees and members from the and Keep Irving Beautiful to plant around 50+ trees at the Towne Lake Park in Irving!

We were grateful to see such a great turnout for those dedicated to our green initiative and improving the quality of their community!

Pre-Earth Day Pioneer Natural Resources Company Tree Planting"][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row]With Earth Day around the corner, Pioneer Natural Resources Company joined us for another tree planting event!

This time with their Midland employees, while teaming up with volunteers from Keep Midland Beautiful as well as fourth-grade students from Parker Elementary School. This terrific team of volunteers planted twenty-five 30-gallon native trees at Trinity Park next to the school!

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