Thank you to North Texas Giving Day Contributors!


$48,722 was raised this year for urban forestry!

Thank you to our supporters:

Christine Rogers
Chris McClelen
Sarah Nelson
Carroll Swenson-Roberts
Timothy Weil
Leigh Adams
Elizabeth Brown
Carolyn Horner
Justin Reeves
Bridget Wallace
Sara Dryden
Jani Salyers
Marianne Chapman
Peter McGuire
Claudia Quittner
Joanna St. Angelo
Kathryn Greene
Patrick Little
John Tulloh
Gil Glover
Janette Monear
Susan Ernst
Margie Haley
Gayle Gartner
Rodolfo Rodriguez
Adam McGill
Robyn Johnston
Jamie Bechtelheimer
Andy McGarrahan
Adre Bower
Beth Edwards
Courtney Ortegon
Clayton Hollingsworth
Lawrence Seidemann
Mark Stoltz
Valerie Howell
Mick Mcgill
Heather Balestri
Kristen McGee
Thomas Hutter
Carolyn Newham
The Community Impact Fund
Sharon A. Kowalsky
Karen Robinson
Susan Alvarez
Dana Beckman
Ryan Ritz
Nick Geise
Diane Scovell
Monica Nagle
Lyda Hill
Nancy Latner
David Ricker
Ariella Hanker
Donna Bray
Dan Patterson

NTX Giving Day
The entire team at Texas Trees Foundation thanks you for your support! We cannot grow without your help. We appreciate your support on North Texas Giving Day this year!
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