The NeighborWoods Program Focuses On Making A Significant Impact

by planting trees where they are most needed to equalize people's access to the benefits of trees. Currently Dallas' tree canopy is inequitably distributed and we aim to change that by realizing a more equability environment for all communities in North Texas alongside our partners and supporters.

Together Through Tree Planting We Will:

  • Improve mental and physical health through accessible greenspace
  • Improve air quality by filtering pollution.
  • Help intercept and slow rainfall, reducing stormwater runoff
  • Cool down our hot city surfaces and reduce urban heat island effects

33% by 2030

With the City of Dallas' Comprehensive Environmental & Climate Action plan as our guide we will substantially increase tree canopy.

Plantings are based on a plotted map of where trees are needed most in our city. We work with the City of Dallas, Dallas ISD, and communities to plant trees with funding partners.

We Are Invested In Our Neighborhoods

Each planting project partners with the community. We engage in feedback, activation and educate within each neighborhood. We plant where people need it most.


Tree Planting Priority Ranking by Census Block Groups

Priority scores help locate areas which will most benefit from Dallas’ limited resources for tree planting and maintenance. The overall priority score for each district was examined to determine how much tree canopy is needed to raise the current district priority score into the 80th percentile of priority scores. The number of tree plantings needed to add the additional tree canopy to the district was calculated by dividing by the area of a tree with a 25 ft. crown diameter by the additional acreage totals. Districts which currently have a score within the 80th percentile need limited priority planting.


Increase Tree Canopy

It is a priority for the City of Dallas to increase
its tree canopy from 32% to 37%. (CECAP, 2020)



Impact report, media recognition, signage recognition at the park, employee volunteer opportunities, onsite activation for employees and/or community


and help create cool, healthy, and greener communities. Inquire for planting locations.

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