Jubilee Park Welcomes 15 New Trees

The Texas Trees Foundation, Atmos Energy, and Jubilee Park & Community Center have come together to plant 15 trees at the park and distribute 125 trees to neighbors, including species such as Shumard oak, Texas redbud, and more.

DALLAS, TX (April 24, 2024) – Communities thrive when people start putting down roots. The Jubilee Park neighborhood, a 62-block area in Southeast Dallas, is becoming more deeply rooted, greener, and cooler due to a recent tree planting and tree giveaway hosted at Jubilee Park & Community Center. Jubilee Park sits in City Council District 2, which was determined to be the Dallas district most in need of new trees by a Texas Trees Foundation assessment. Most families in the area are considered to be working poor who are underserved in terms of education and health resources.

Volunteers from Atmos Energy and Texas Trees Foundation came together on Monday, April 22nd to plant 15 trees at Jubilee Park & Community Center. Residents living within a 3-mile radius of Jubilee Park were treated to free trees during a giveaway event on Wednesday, April 24th. Species distributed to neighbors include shumard oak, Texas redbud, autumn blaze maple, and plum.

At the tree giveaway, residents were reminded to call 811 to have underground utilities marked. This step, required by law, ensures underground infrastructure remains free from harm as trees take root. Residents were also encouraged to plant their new trees sooner than later as Texas is reaching the end of its planting season. Further instruction provided, if residents planned to plant in the right-of-way, was to ensure the area was at least 4-5 feet wide to ensure the tree has enough soil space. Trees planted in the right-of-way can be a great way to shade sidewalks and streets in neighborhoods to help fight urban heat. Of note, only smaller species should be planted in the right-of-way where there is a risk of coming into contact with overhead power lines.

More than just a park, Jubilee Park & Community Center offers a refuge where neighbors have the support they need to dream big dreams and the resources to achieve them through providing holistic, wraparound services from afterschool to a food pantry and a health clinic. The neighborhood is comprised of a caring community and local volunteers who invest their time, money, and effort into making the neighborhood a safe place to live, work and learn. The new trees at the park will provide benefits for years to come.

“We are so appreciative to Texas Trees Foundation and Atmos Energy for these new trees,” said Marissa Castro Mikoy, President & CEO of Jubilee Park. “Providing a safe, green space for our families to enjoy is key to our mission, and these trees will help beautify our park. The trees distributed to our neighbors will help make our entire community a healthier place to live.”

Children who reside in the southern sector of Dallas County have a higher risk of asthma and lack access to green spaces, but increasing urban tree cover can alleviate respiratory difficulties and heat-related illnesses, creating a better, healthier place to live. Trees also cool the surfaces of their surrounding environment through shade and offer additional ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, air pollution removal, energy savings, and stormwater savings.

“Contributing to the greening of Jubilee Park strengthens Atmos Energy’s commitment to fuel safe and thriving communities by investing in a safe and healthy environment for all,” said Bridget Wallace, Atmos Energy Director of Marketing Services. “We are happy to help green this community in Southeast Dallas.”

Spirits were high as dozens of volunteers chopped up circling tree roots, rolled them into their holes, “heel-ed in” the soil, securely planted their trees, and piled up mulch rings around each tree. Residents who received trees expressed appreciation for improvements to their property.

Jubilee Park Neighborwoods Planting

"The Texas Trees Foundation is proud to be working alongside Atmos Energy to not only plant trees that will combat Dallas' urban heat island but also promote outdoor sanctuaries for North Texas residents to experience the joy nature can provide," said Janette Monear, Texas Trees Foundation CEO/President.

Thanks to this community effort, Jubilee Park is now a greener, more bio-diverse, and beautified public space.

About Texas Trees Foundation

Since 1982, the Texas Trees Foundation has served as a catalyst in addressing urban forestry issues and creating a reimagined green legacy for North Texas. Scientific research has led our vision of transforming outdoor spaces into greener, cleaner, cooler, and healthier communities while educating the public about the social, economic, environmental, and health benefits that trees provide. For more information on Texas Trees Foundation and its programs and projects, visit www.texastrees.org. You can also follow Texas Trees Foundation on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and X.

About Atmos Energy

Atmos Energy Corporation, an S&P 500 company headquartered in Dallas, is the country’s largest natural gas-only distributor. We safely deliver reliable, affordable, efficient and abundant natural gas to more than 3 million distribution customers in over 1,400 communities across eight states located primarily in the South. As part of our vision to be the safest provider of natural gas services, we are modernizing our business and infrastructure while continuing to invest in safety, innovation, environmental sustainability and our communities. Atmos Energy manages proprietary pipeline and storage assets, including one of the largest intrastate natural gas pipeline systems in Texas.  Find us online at http://www.atmosenergy.com, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

About Jubilee Park & Community Center

Jubilee Park & Community Center (Jubilee) exists to be a catalyst for comprehensive community revitalization and enrichment in Southeast Dallas. Jubilee primarily serves the Jubilee Park neighborhood, a 62-block area south of I-30 and east of Fair Park, as well as surrounding zip codes. Each year, Jubilee reaches 3,000 individuals through place-based, multigenerational programming tied to five key Pillars of Impact: Education, Health, Housing and Workforce, Opportunity, and Safety. Through applying a holistic model to community revitalization, Jubilee Park strives to break the cycle of generational poverty and create a thriving community.

 Learn more at www.jubileecenter.org.

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