Summer 2023: Resources for Heat and Health

Heat, Trees, and Your Health

Urban Forests Mitigate Urban Heat

Urban forests create healthy communities and trees are two times more effective at mitigating the challenges of urban heat than other identified strategies. Trees are considered an important part of our communities’ infrastructure and provide many economic, social, environmental, and health benefits when properly placed, planted, and maintained.

Urban Heat, Trees, & Your Health

Texas Trees Foundation is committed to furthering education about the relationship between urban heat and trees to human health. Outdoor workers, children and the elderly are particularly at risk and vulnerable this time of year as urban heat is a major public health issue.

Heat exposure has been shown to exacerbate underlying chronic conditions, including pulmonary, cardiovascular, and kidney conditions. Additionally, epidemiological data shows that motor vehicle collisions, violence, suicide, and workplace injuries increase during extreme heat events. Trees have been shown to be vital for reducing heat stress and decreasing the size and effect of the urban heat island.

Below is a list of resources to understand the connection between extreme heat and health - stay tuned for more information to be posted throughout the summer.

Contact us if you have any additional, specific questions related to heat and health.

Texas Trees Foundation's Urban Heat Island Management Study

Texas Trees Foundation’s Urban Heat Island Management Study from August 2017 is a year-long study of the impacts and implications of air temperatures at the neighborhood level. Most notable among them: Dallas is heating up faster than every city in the country except for Phoenix.

Dallas Tree Equity Planting Map

Increasing the number of trees across Dallas is vital to keeping our neighborhoods cool, healthy, and beautiful. But currently, too many of our historically underserved and overlooked communities lack even an adequate tree canopy.

Things you need to know:

Heat + Trees
Heat + Trees + Human Health
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