Farbod Tavakkoli Khomeini

Farbod Tavakkoli Khomeini

Data Analyst, Ph.D. Candidate

Farbod is a dedicated and accomplished data scientist with a strong academic background and a passion for leveraging data to drive positive change in urban environments. He holds a master's degree in Smart and Resilient Infrastructure and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Applied Science at Southern Methodist University.

Farbod's research journey is deeply rooted in understanding the profound influence of urban green spaces on public health. His ongoing Ph.D. dissertation is a testament to his commitment to this critical area of study. In this capacity, he delves into cutting-edge research, conducting extensive literature reviews, and developing innovative data-driven strategies.

As a Data Scientist at the Texas Trees Foundation, Farbod plays a pivotal role in advancing the foundation's mission to create healthier and more sustainable urban environments. His work encompasses a wide array of responsibilities, from data collection, management and analysis to statistical modeling and reporting. Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams and external partners, he harnesses the power of data to shed light on the impact of green spaces on public health.

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