Ericsson Volunteer Day

We were thrilled to have Ericsson volunteers come out to the TXU Energy Urban Tree Farm and Education Center! These volunteers got in their daily workout at the tree farm while they helped pull weeds, move potted trees to the staging area, and put together and installed drip lines for tree irrigation system.

It was a very productive day with volunteers who had a huge impact on the relocation progress of moving potted trees onto the staging area to be watered and cared for. After the volunteer’s hard work, Marc Beaudoing gave the volunteers some tips about tree identification, tree planting and maintenance, and other insightful education that the volunteers could take home with them.

Even through the summer sun, these volunteers were dedicated to do their part in helping us out at the tree farm. With volunteers like these, we know that our mission to green North Texas will continue to be carried out.

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