Did you know? Trees act as a water filter

Did You Know?
Trees Act As A Water Filter

Most people would agree that trees enhance our lives. But did you know that trees also act as giant water filters for all the species on this planet. Trees use their root systems to uptake dissolved solids from the soil or surrounding wetlands. Some of these dissolved solids are used to help the plants grow. Other dissolved pollutants are taken up and are stored in the tree tissues, locking them away from the environment.

Once the water has been cleaned of these dissolved substances, trees can emit clean water back to the atmosphere through the process of transpiration. Trees also help hold soil together to lessen runoff of sediments that add to turbid water conditions that can harm aquatic life. So, the next time you are outside enjoying some shade, take a minute to thank those trees for giving us cleaner water, too!

Resource: Urban Forests Improve Water Quality

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