Dallas Urban Forest Master Plan

Growing and Maintaining Dallas' Tree Canopy

It’s a simple fact that trees are good. It’s also a fact that trees in cities just don’t happen by chance, except the Trinity Forest. The reality that the City of Dallas has a natural forest, and a built urban forest is remarkable. But we’ve come to a crossroads; nurture and manage this resource – or lose it.

Bulldozers, urban heat, pests, climate change, and a myriad of other maladies are affecting one of our most important natural resources—trees. And it’s up to us to come together, as a community, and have the will to consolidate efforts, both within the city and with external partners, to protect, expand, and manage our urban forest resource. It’s up to all of us to make trees a priority.

The Dallas Urban Forest Master Plan sets forward a strategic and cohesive agenda to manage this “green infrastructure”. If centralized within the City, there can be a comprehensive cost-effective approach to aligning investments for a greater return while at the same time providing a roadmap for private partners to help reach the goals and objectives of a strategic urban forestry plan.

The Texas Trees Foundation is here to help, as we’ve been since 1982, and we will continue to provide technical assistance, support, expertise, volunteers, and sponsors to help make Dallas cooler, greener and cleaner for our residents and to the visitors to this great city.

Janette Monear, President/CEO // Texas Trees Foundation
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The Dallas Urban Forest Master Plan was developed through a partnership between the Texas Trees Foundation and the City of Dallas. The Texas Trees Foundation, a private 501(c)(3), serves as a catalyst in creating a new green legacy for North Texas through transformational, research-based plans and projects that educate and mobilize the public to activate the social, economic, environmental, and health benefits that trees and urban forestry provide for a better quality of life.

Plan Sponsors
Lyda Hill Philanthropies
City of Dallas
Plan Prepared by Davey Resource Group, Inc.
Kerry Gray
Dana Karcher

Branding Team
Rucker & Co
Project Team
Zach Wirtz, Texas Trees Foundation
Matt Grubisich, Texas Trees Foundation
Susan Alvarez, City of Dallas
Micah Pace, Preservation Tree (The Consulting Group)
Technical Advisors
Janette Monear, President/CEO, Texas Trees Foundation
Norm Daley, Director of Operations, Texas Trees Foundation

  • Contributing Organizations
  • City of Dallas
  • Dallas City Attorney’s Office
  • Code Compliance
  • Dallas Water Utilities
  • Public Works
  • Office of Environmental Quality & Sustainability
  • Park and Recreation
  • Planning and Urban Design
  • Sustainable Development and Construction
  • Advanced Tree and Shrub Care, Inc.
  • CCA Landscape Architects, Inc.
  • Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council
  • Davey Tree Expert Company
  • Dallas Urban Forest Advisory Committee
  • Friends of Oak Cliff Parks
  • Indian Trail Master Naturalists
  • Landscape Forms
  • Moore Tree Care
  • North Central Texas Council of Governments
  • OncorPacheco Koch
  • Preservation Tree Services, Inc.
  • SWA Group
  • TBG Group
  • Texas A&M Forest Service
  • Texas Tree Surgeons
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • Trinity Blacklands Urban Forestry Council
  • Trinity Park Conservancy
  • Trust for Public Lands
  • Urban Tree Harvest
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