Cool School Celebration at Tom C. Gooch Elementary

Ready for one of their favorite days of the year, “field day,” students welcomed us with a song performance and tree facts as we came together to celebrate their “Cool Schools” program at Tom C. Gooch Elementary School.

We had a great time at Gooch Elementary as students performed ‘Let it Grow’ from Dr. Seuss’s “The Lorax,” for us. We were also really impressed by the insightful information presented by some of the students to their fellow classmates about the importance of trees in their communities!

We awarded the green team faculty members with wooden speakers and presented them with their “Cool Schools” campus sitemap. Thanks to the “Cool Schools” program, the students can use their integrated “Tree Trunk” curriculum to learn more about their surrounding environment.

What a fun day it was for everyone and we hope that these students continue to learn even more about their new trees!

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