Residents Welcome New Trees in District 1 Bishop Ridge Neighborhood

On Saturday, October 21, volunteers from Junior League and Savoy Partners planted 65 trees in District 1 of Dallas, in the Bishop Ridge Neighborhood. Residents were thrilled!

Several different species were planted including Vitex, Oak, Redbud, and many more.

The Bishop Ridge Neighborhood Planting marks the first of several planned for Fall 2023 as a result of the Dallas Tree Equity Planting Map published by Texas Trees Foundation in 2022.

Increasing the number of trees across Dallas is vital to keeping our neighborhoods cool, healthy, and beautiful. But currently, too many of our historically underserved and overlooked communities lack even an adequate tree canopy.

In the Dallas Tree Equity Planting Map report, Texas Trees Foundation identified areas (hot spots!) throughout Dallas within each of the City's 14 Council Districts. Areas throughout each district were categorized as emergent, urgent, high, medium, mid-low, to low priority in terms of tree canopy.

Trees cool the surfaces of their surrounding environment through shade and offer additional ecosystem services such as carbon sequestration, air pollution removal, energy savings, and stormwater savings. Trees also provide health benefits and can lower temperatures up to 15 degrees.

Texas Trees Foundation has been making Dallas cooler, greener, and healthier since 1982.

Reach out to us if you'd like to organize or support a tree planting.

“Thank you for making our neighborhoods look better, we definitely needed it and it's welcome."

Jose Flores, 40-years long resident of Bishop Ridge Neighborhood
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