Acumen Solutions Volunteer Day

On a hot, summer day, volunteers from Acumen Solutions joined us at the TXU Energy Urban Tree Farm and Education Center where they did a great job re-potting the Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas’ tree seedlings, watering trees, and pruning low-lying branches in the forest at Richland College.

Although summers are typically not suitable for tree planting, trees still need care and maintenance during blazing hot Texas temperatures. Pruning low-lying branches is a good way of ensuring that trees will have space to continue to grow without having to compete for resources and to redirect energy so that our trees grow up and outwards. This helps our trees grow strong and increase our tree canopy coverage, creating cooler spaces.

The Acumen volunteers proved to be a small, but mighty team! These volunteers gave back by helping maintain this urban forest on the Richland campus, which is greatly appreciated not only by us but also by the school, students and the surrounding community.

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