emxa Swan (they/he) 

Community Engagement Manager

emxa graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2015 with a degree in Sociology and has since developed a wide range of skills, which they now bring to Tree Davis. Their post-college years were marked by navigating the disability system for a family member while hustling for employment through various means. In 2017, they found stability in a specialized field known as Earned Media, where they produced daily security reports for multiple international organizations. This role demanded a fast-paced environment, involving the meticulous monitoring of hundreds of international news articles each day to identify human rights violations and natural disasters. They held this position until the onset of the 2020 pandemic, transitioning into organic farm labor and community organizing.

In the District of Columbia, emxa played a pivotal role in establishing a nonprofit with a group of friends, focusing on providing assistance to the neighborhood and supporting those experiencing homelessness. These diverse experiences led them to urban forestry, which aligns with their passions for environmental stewardship, sociological impact, and community building.

emxa is known for their insightful sayings that foster collaboration and coordination among people. As a seasoned public speaker, you might hear them say, "there are very few conflicts in the world—only priorities we must put on a list" or "slow down and attune to the rhythm of the community."

Outside of their professional pursuits, emxa enjoys playing chess, listening to music, and helping others gain a deeper understanding of international civics.

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