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Cool Schools Yolo

Developed by Texas Trees Foundation, the Cool Schools Yolo Program is a partnership between Tree Davis, Washington Unified School District, Woodland Joint Unified School District and Woodland Tree Foundation.

Program Overview

  • The Cool Schools Program™, developed by Texas Trees Foundation, transforms schoolyards from gray to green, connecting students and teachers to nature through tree planting and the creation of fun, experiential outdoor learning areas.
  • Texas Trees Foundation is bringing its award-winning Cool Schools Program™ to Yolo County, California. Texas Trees Foundation is working with Washington Unified School District and Woodland Joint Unified School District to implement the program in 10 schools (five in each district).
  • The program has three primary components:
    • Increase tree canopy coverage to at least 30%.
    • Build fun, experiential outdoor learning areas that are uniquely designed to meet each school’s educational needs.
    • Provide nature-based educational resources that equip teachers and students to effectively utilize the new outdoor learning spaces.
  • Cool Schools Yolo County is funded by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection’s (CAL FIRE) Urban and Community Forestry Program.
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Cool Schools Yolo County

School Partnerships

  • The Cool Schools Program™ prioritizes under-resourced schools to create a more equitable education experience.
  • The schools selected for Cool Schools Yolo County qualified in accordance with CAL FIRE’s grant requirements, which focus on communities with the highest poverty level, fewest trees and hottest climates.

Improving Academic Performance

  • Research shows that access to nature and outdoor learning spaces can result in the following:
    • Students exhibit fewer symptoms of ADHD, depression and anxiety.
    • Students display better concentration and improved on-task behavior.
    • Students’ personal development is enhanced through the cultivation of perseverance, critical thinking, leadership and communication skills.
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“It’s difficult to overstate the impact nature has on an individual, especially youth. We are delighted to share our expertise to help make a difference in underserved communities. Our innovative, nature-based solutions have an immediate impact on students and ultimately foster a life-long love of nature and exploration.”

-Janette Monear
President & CEO of Texas Trees Foundation


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