David Wilkinson

Program Coordinator

David is the co-founding president of the non-profit Woodland Tree Foundation. Since its formation in 2000, the Foundation, under David’s leadership, planted and cared for thousands of trees in and around Woodland marshalling the energy of local volunteers. David currently serves as the Program Coordinator for Woodland Tree Foundation. His duties include managing the local implementation of the Green Schoolyards project at local school campuses. In 2011, Woodland Tree Foundation received the Austin B. Carroll award as a Tree Hero from the regional Sacramento Tree Foundation. David’s advocacy work was instrumental in the City of Woodland updating its Tree Ordinance in 2022, strengthening protections for native oak trees. 

In addition to his environmental work, David is the author of a trilogy of books on Woodland’s cultural history, which include Crafting a Valley Jewel (architecture), Hollywood Comes to Woodland (movie theater history, which was influential in the successful campaign to save Woodland’s historic State Theatre), and Gertrude’s Oaks: the History & Legacy of Woodland’s Urban Forest. He co-authored and edited the Explore Historic Woodland guidebook, recipient of the Governor’s Award by the State of California. David has served on the City of Woodland Tree and Historic Preservation Commissions and on the board of the California Preservation Foundation. In 2006 David received the City of Woodland “Community Service Award”, the city’s highest honor for “outstanding civic leadership and service to the community.” 

Professionally, David enjoyed a long career as an Economist and community development advocate with a focus on financing community facilities for nonprofit agencies, adaptive reuse of historic buildings, and renewable energy. 

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